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Drawing circa 1640.1

Bust of a Young Lady

Location unknown; formerly in the Rabino Collection,Cairo.
Drawing: (H x W) 12 x 6.5 cm.
Signature: Questionable “signature” of Reżā ʿAbbāsi.
Circa 1640.

At the bottom: bejehat-e farzandi ḵadija mašq shod. rāqama Reżā ʿAbbāsi. Translation: “Drawn by Reżā ʿAbbāsi for Ḵadija who is like a daughter to me”. The inscription does not appear to be in Reżå’s handwriting, nor is the identification of the subject known.

The drawing portrays the head and shoulders of a young lady, shown in three-quarter view, facing left. On her head is a tiara-shaped headdress adossed with a feather and a fleur-de-lis. Her collarless dress is open at the neck revealing the top of a buttoned undergarment, and a fine chain around her neck.

Rabino, PC_1916, pl.88.
Wiet, EP_ 1931, pl.XXXVIII right.
BWG_1933, no.325 (not ill.).
Stchoukine, SA_1964, p.129 (not ill.), where it is considered the work of a student of Reżā, circa 1650.

The drawing is a variant of the Young Lady Holding an Aigrette (1642.1), with which it bears many features in common, in particular the similarity in rendering the facial features. The handwriting in the inscription is not Reżā’s style, and some similarities can be noted with the inscription on 1638.1, which is considered an early Moʿin work. Thus, it might be possible, to suggest that this drawing too, might also be the work of the young Moʿin.

Photo after Wiet

Robert Eng

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