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Painting 1665.1

A Lightly Clad Indian Courtier Reclining Against Some Cushions

Location: Current whereabouts unknown. According to label on reverse, in the late 19th century was in the Collection of S.J.Tellery & Co. in Delhi, India.
Painting: (H x W) 10.8 x 17.9 cm., Leaf: 20.0 x 26.2 cm.
Signature: Signed and dated 1084/1673.

-Two inscriptions written at the bottom left.
Inscription 1, just to the left of the blue pillow: raqam-e kamina moʿin moṣavver.
Inscription 2, at the bottom below the dish of fruit: betāriḵ-e bist-va-panjom-e šahr-e jomādi al-āḥir sana 1075 be etmam šod. Translation: "Completed the twenty-fifth of the month of Jomādi II in the year 1075/ 13 January 1665."

A young woman, scantily but elegantely clad in sheer Indian dress, is reclining on the ground leaning on two finely decorated bolsters. She gazes to the left holding a small bowl in her right hand, and the neck of a long necked bottle in her left. A waterpipe, a small dish, and fruit are spread before her. The nearly monochromatic setting, drawn in light brown and gold, consists of Chinese scroll clouds and foliage.

Sothebys London, 24 October 2018, Lot 64

Moʿin's signature follows the format and form that he typically used for manuscript pages; the second inscription that gives the date of execution, appears to be in his nearly illegible scrawl. The painting is very finely executed; a good example of Moʿin's work, although he does not seem to be totally comfortable rendering a lightly clad female body. It is a unique example of such subject matter in his body of work at that time. Later there will be additional examples. For another painting of nearly identical subject matter, signed by Moʿin and dated 1084/1673, see 1673.3

Photo courtesy of Sothebys

Robert Eng

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3 May 2019



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