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Manuscript A

A complete manuscript of 622 folios measuring 43 x 27 cm. The text is written in good nastāʿliq in a four-column format, 25 lines to the page. The colophon on folio 622a has been obliterated and painted over with gold. There are 28 paintings in the Isfahan style modeled on the work of Reżā-ye ʿAbbāsi. They appear to be the work of several different painters, and at least one, folio 79a, seems to be the early work of Moʿin Moṣavver.

London, The British Library, Shelfmark: I.O. Islamic 1256, f79a.
Formerly housed at the India Office Library.

Circa 1630-1640.

© The British Library

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Robert Eng
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folio 79a
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