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Appendix I - footnote 53
A.G. Warner and E. Warner, trans., The Shahnama of Firdausi, London 1905-192S,
in http://persian.packhum.org/persian//main

Appendix I - footnote 54
British Library, India Office Library, MS. 1256, Shahnama of c. 1630-1640,
see http://shahnama.caret.cam.ac.uk/new/jnama/card/cemanuscript:598954688

Appendix I - footnote 55
John Rylands Library, University of Manchester, Ryl. pers. 909, Shahnama dated 1650,
see http://shahnama.caret.cam.ac.uk/new/jnama/card/cemanuscript:879351536

Appendix I - footnote 56
Numbers of instances of this illustration occurring in 17th-century Shahnama manuscripts.