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Manuscript D, folio 216

Mehr Hormozd Slays Ḵosrow Parviz

The two main participants, Ḵosrow Parviz and Mehr Hormozd, are shown in large scale near the center of thecomposition. Ḵosrow, wearing a long purple robe and crown, lies on a carpet with two pillows under his head. His arms remain at his side and he offers no resistance to his attacker. Mehr Hormozd, in a red jacket and blue knickers, is over him, has pulled away the cloth and plunged the dagger deep into Ḵosrow’s chest. The floor is tiled in a light pastel color, and in the foreground are several vessels, plates of fruit, and a large basin. On the far left is a wall, a set of steps, and a half-open doorway, outside of which stands a diminutive servant. Seated in a domed chamber in the upper left are four of Ḵosrow’s children, their hands and feet shackled to their necks with long chains.

Painting: irregular shape 25.5 x 19.2 cm. The text is written above the painting in four columns. The two right columns consist of nine lines each, the remaining columns of only eight lines each. In addition, a single line of two column text is written at the bottom left. A rectangular ruled frame encloses painting and text, except on the left side where the frame is omitted below the text, allowing the painting to continue into the left margin. The folio is signed in the lower margin, to the right of center, with miniscule characters in Moʿin’s hand: ze towfiq ṣānʿe raqam zad moʿin (Drawn with the grace of the Maker by Moʿin). No date is recorded..

Painting references:
Cambridge Shahnameh Project
Text references:
Warner, IX, p.34. Mohl, VII, p.320. Levy, p.399.

Robert Eng
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Originally published: May 7, 2003

Photo: © The Trustees of The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin