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Manuscript H

A single painting from a dispersed Shahnama executed in colors and gold that has been inserted into a loose leaf from another Shahnama. The text, which is written in four columns of nastāʿliq with interlinear decoration, deals with the episode of Siyāvoš, and the subject of the painting clearly has no contextual relationship with the page on which it has been pasted. Although the subject of the illustration is not certain, it appears to be Owlād leading Rostam to the cave of the White Demon.

Present whereabouts unknown.

Circa 1650.

Sotheby’s (London), 28 April 1981, Lot 239 (illustrated).

Robert Eng
Last Updated: April 26, 2011 | Originally published: April 26, 2011

no. 1
Owlād Leads Rostam to the White Demon