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Manuscript J

A single leaf with a painting from a dispersed manuscript of Ḵosrow and Širin, the second poem in the Ḵāmsa of Neẓāmi. It is not known if the manuscript from which this page derives was a complete Ḵāmsa, or only Ḵosrow and Širin..

Another Neẓāmi illustration (cf. Manuscript I) might be from this same manuscript. The frames are of the same proportion, but the available information is insufficient to confirm or reject this possibility.

Kubicova states that the page is in The Archaeological Museum in Tehran. However, the Iran Bastam claims that thepainting is not in their collection.

Circa 1660.

Kubicova, PM_1960, plate 36 (in color), and p.68.
Stchoukine, SA_1964, p.66 (not ill.).

Robert Eng
Last Updated: April 22, 2011 | Originally published: April 22, 2011

no. 1
Ḵosrow Parviz Spies Širin Bathing