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Manuscript L

A complete manuscript of the tāriḵ-e jahāngushā'i-ye ḵāqān-e ṣāḥibibqirān of Bijan of fair quality containing 307 folios describing events during the reign of Shah Esmā'il. According to Morton, the manuscript was written in the early 1680's. The calligraphy is written in good nastāʿliq, without columns, 16 lines to the page. The manuscript contains 21 paintings, including four that are signed in the lower margin by Moʿin Moṣavver. Fifteen of the other illustrtrations are in the style of Moʿin, and can be attributed to him, albeit perhaps with studio assistance. The two remaining paintings (folios 306v and 307) are poor imitations of the master's style, and might even be later additions.

Page size:: 25 x 16.5 cm.
Written surface: 20 x 12 cm.

London, British Library, Or.3248. Originally bequeathed to the British Museum by Sidney Churchill on 12 April 1886.

None of the paintings are dated, but the manuscript was probably written in the early 1680's. The paintings probably date from circa 1685.

Rieu, Supp_1895, p.34, classifies the paintings in fair Persian style dating from the sixteenth century. Stchoukine, SA_1964, p.65, attributes them to Mo'in Moṣavver, circa 1650.
Morton, Pembroke_1990, properly identifies the author and title of the manuscript (previously referred to as the "Ross Anonymous") and proposes a date in the 1680's for its creation.

By permission of the British Library, London

Robert Eng
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