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Manuscript N, jkjk_296

Safavids Defeat Malek Fayyāż, Leader of the Mošaʿšaʿ Tribe of Arabs, in Battle

Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Acc. #1996.103
Folio: 36.0 x 23.5 cm; buff colored mount with inky blue collar.
Written surface: 23.4 x 15.3 cm.
Painting: 17.7 x 15.3 cm.
Text references: J.K., p.296 lines 4 to 8.
See Muntaẓer-Ṣāḥeb_1970, p.187 for this event in the History of Shah Esmāʿil..
See Savory, SA_1979, p.57 for this event in the History of Shah ʿĀbbās.

Date of this event: 914/ October 1508.
Eskandar Monshi, citing the Ḥabib al-Siar as his source, relates that following: the event took place at Ḥaviza in the vacinity of Baghdad. Sultan Fayyāż was according to Monshi the ruler of the Mošaʿšaʿ Tribe of Arabs, and the son of Sultan Moḥsen and his successor. This tribe professed the divinity of ʿAli, and among other aberrations even professed a belief in the divinity of Sultan Fayyāż himself. When the Esmāʿil's troops reached the vacinity of Ḥaviza, Sultan Fayyāż drew up the Mošaʿšaʿ forces in battle; a battle was fought and Fayyāż and many of his companions were killed.

See ms M, SE_187 for another painting by Moʿin of the same subject.

Painting references
Sims, Safavid_2002, fig. 10.4 (ill. in black and white)

Provenence: Formerly in the Collection of A.H. Bullock.

Photo courtesy of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. John Ware Willard Fund and Asiatic Curators Fund.
©1998. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Robert Eng
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August 5, 2011