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Manuscript N, jkjk_346

Badiʿ al Zamān Mirzā, Son of Sultan Ḥoseyn Mirzā Bāyqarā, Prostrate Before Shah Esmāʿil at Khoy

Location: current whereabouts unknown
Mount: Orange (now faded) mount with gold decoration 35.9 x 23.4 cm. Blue collar.
Written surface: 23.7 (estimated) x 15.0 cm.
Painting: 20.8 x 15.0 cm.
Text references: J.K., p.346 lines 14 to 16
Savory, SA_1979, p.59.

Date of this event: 915/1508. The place is the shah's summer quarters at Khoy in Azerbaijan.
Eskandar Monshi’s record of these affairs (Savory, SA_1979, p.59) is summary, terse, and in some respects conflicting with the account cited here. Monshi states that Shåhibeg Khan, taking advantage of the dissension between the Timurid princes, invaded Khorasan in 913/1507, gave battle to, and defeated the sons of Sultan Ḥoseyn, and according to Monshi, subsequently put them to death. This text and the ʿĀlam-ārā-ye Shah Esmāʿil however, give a somewhat different account, that some of the sons of Sultan Ḥoseyn escaped the onslaught of Šāhibeg Khan, in particular Badiʿ al-Zamān, who fled to Estarabād. Shah Esmāʿil, hearing of Badiʿ al-Zamān’s escape, has the young prince brought before the Safavid court where Badiʿ entreats Esmāʿil for a new army to renew the fight against the Uzbegs.

Altogether ten personages are represented. Three qezelbāš emirs are seated in the lower left; another holds Badiʿ prostrate before the shah; and lastly one, partially cropped in the lower right, is leaning on a walking stick. Esmāʿil is seated dominantly on a throne in the left center, ceremonially dressed in white. Two Safavid sword bearers stand on the flanks, and another, apparently in the service of Badiʿ, is in the lower right foreground. Three tents and the lush verdure of the foreground suggest the summer quarters. One line of calligraphiy above and below the painting. Unsigned.

Painting references:

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Christies London, 13 April 2010, Lot 98.

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Robert Eng
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September 24, 2012