ms. B - footnote 14

The British Museum's Rostam Discovers Soḥrāb's Identity was acquired in 1922. Schroeder,Fogg_1942, p. 151, states that the two illustrations in his museum's collection were acquired "at the Filippo sale in New York" in 1941. He does not give the name of the auction house.

The dispersed pages are:
1. Rostam Pulling the Ḵāqān of Čin from his Elephant [3-230_1][see Appendix for variant identification] in the Harvard Art Museum;
2. Rostam and the Iranians in the Snow [4-306] in the Harvard Art Museum;
3. Rostam Discovers Soḥrāb's Identity [2-172] in the British Museum;
4. Rostam Slays the White Demon, [2-059] sold at Sotheby's, London, sale 3220, April 30, 2003, lot 31;
5. Lohrāsp and his Sons [5-127];
6. The Fifth Stage of Esfandiyār: He Kills the Simorgh, [5-133];
7. Eskandar's March into the Gloom and Ḵeżr's Discovery of the Water of Life [6-158];
8. Rostam and Esfandiyār Hand Wrestle [5-208];
9. and 10. Double-page composition of a standing man in European dress and a standing woman, in the Khalili Collection. London;
11. Eskandar Comforts the Dying Dārā, [6-052] sold at Sotheby's, London, sale Yāʿqub. April 19.1983. lot 119;
12. Garsivaz and Goruy Slay Siyāvoš [2-320]; 13. Kay Ḵosrow Sends Rostam to India [3-030]; 14. Demon Akvān Flings Rostam into the Sea [3-276]; and 15. Rostam Rescues Bižān from the Pit [3-346], all in the Israel Museum.

Grube, MMP_1962. p. 131, cites other folios in the Dawud Collection, Dublin, the Chester Beatty Library, the Hyatt Mayor (ms.N, JK-463) and Bullock Collections (now in the Worcester Art Museum, #1962.182), none of which are from this manuscript.