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Manuscript E, no. 9-034

Mehr Hormozd Slays Ḵosrow Parviz

Location: Current whereabouts unknown.
35.4 x 23.0 cm. (after Bonham's)
14.9 x 14.0 cm. (scaled) Does not include extensions between the columns or the dome in the top margin.
Text area: 24.8 x 14.0 cm. (scaled)
Text: four column; 12
lines on a 30 line per full page matrix.
Illustration number:
The number 103 written in Arabic numerals, presumably of later date, appears in the lower left margin, indicating that it was the one hudred and third painting in the manuscript.

The two participants, Ḵosrow Parviz and Mehr Hormozd, are the only figures in the illustration, shown in large scale in the king's palace. Ḵosrow, wearing a crown, lies on a carpet with two pillows under his head. His arms remain at his side and he offers no resistance to his attacker. Mehr Hormozd, on top of him, has pulled away the cloth and plunged a dagger deep into Ḵosrow’s chest. The floor is tiled in a light pastel color, and in the foreground are several vessels, plates of fruit, and a large basin. In the background is a wall with two doors framed by multi-lobed arches, a decorative panel in between, and a bulbous dome that protrudes into the upper margin.

See ms.D folio 216 for another portrayal of this scene by Moʿin

Painting references:
Bonham's London 7 October 2014, Lot 3 (ill.).

Text references:

Warner, IX, p.34. Mohl, VII, p.320. Levy, p.399

Robert Eng
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